Friday, April 4, 2014

Retail Therapy

I had an incredibly trying day yesterday.  There are a number of big changes coming at work, and I'm not sure how I feel about them.  At the end of the day, my stomach was churning.  I left work feeling very determined.  I got in my car, and drove off wish a purpose in mind:

Retail Therapy.

It's not an activity I've ever really engaged in, but yesterday, I thought that spending a good chunk of change and buying myself something nice might make me feel a little better.  The plan was to go out and buy a new purse/briefcasey type thing.  I drove all the way across town, to the "nice" Winners (shopping at a Winners was a sign that I wasn't really all that serious, I should have seen that immediately).  I think I was interested in the hunt of looking for a bag, not the bag itself.  I could have just walked into a place like Danier and be done with it.  Also, I wanted to spend money, but I don't think I wanted to spend Danier money.

The drive across town was the nicest part of the trip.  Some days, I forget how much I just enjoy driving.  I had Blur on shuffle (all albums, all songs).  It's neat to hear a band you like switching back and forth between phases*.

As anyone could predict, the bags were all shit.  After all that wandering around - not really looking at things, but thinking about work the entire time - I still felt the need to buy something, in order for it to have felt like retail therapy.  This is what I came home with:

Posh candy and measuring cups? And you say you actually need the measuring cups? You suck at this bro.
I wandered around Bed, Bath, and Beyond for a bit afterwards.  I spent less than $20, and I still feel guilty for spending it. The fact that I'm bad at wasting my money on cute things feels like the icing on the cake, like I just failed at failing.

Anyway, time to shower and dress for work.

*but only if you like all the phases.  If I did this with the Kinks - who I totally love, honestly - I'd still end up skipping a few of the more modern tracks.

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