Monday, November 4, 2013

I unsubscribed from this morning

And I had the chance to give them a reason for leaving.

Good morning,

I'm happy to see while unsubscribing that I have a chance to give a proper reason for leaving. I apologize for saying this, but both the Hello Giggles site and the emails lack meat and real discussion.  The site does 'touch' on some interesting topics, but then flutters off to deal with something inconsequential.  At the moment, there's an article about chipping away at your debt, and reads "try setting a milestone to free up $100 in credit," but gives absolutely no advice on how someone is to determine what can and can't be cut from their budget to do so.  There's another article about women's rights, but it's focusing on a recent ad campaign from a large agency. 

If I may make a small suggestion, perhaps you should welcome or encourage writers to expand on their ideas more.  The women's rights article clocks in at a mile 420ish words, the end of which seems to be the point at where a writer can really start presenting an idea and making an impression on their reader.

I realize that - at 31 years old - I may be outside your target market, but the core creators of the site are in their thirties as well.  Hello Giggles has a large following now (kudos), and a chance to be more than just another girly site.

This is simply my opinion, of course.  Thank you for reading and letting me share it with you.

-Amy XXXXX (I put my full name - nothing to hide)

Clicking submit, I realize I'm probably yelling into a black hole...

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