Tuesday, November 5, 2013

As is often the case: Brain Dump

1)  I think Rob Ford is amazing.  To clarify, I think the storyline playing out in the headlines is amazing.  I hate the expression "you can't write this shit," because I just picture some smart-ass egotistical writer leaning back and saying "no, sweetie, you can't write this shit. I could write this shit with my eyes closed."  And then he would get hit by a car, because this is my fantasy, dammit.

That said, I totally feel like that expression applies here! 

Some guy from a website says there's a video of the mayor smoking crack!  But he doesn't have the video!  
Oh, that's funny.  That could be a fun side plot "smear campaign against the beloved mayor."

Mayor denies it and refuses to step down.
Of course he does. Who wouldn't? There's no video.

Mayor's brother stands up for him.
As a good brother should.

Mayor keeps shooting his mouth off about everything but the accusation.
Wait, this guy's kind of an asshole.
Video surfaces.
Ooh!  They're gonna git 'im!
Mayor cannot be charged criminally, and he cannot be impeached.  Oh, and he refuses to step down.  So, this is just how your mayor is now.
*chucks book across the room* Bullshit, in the real world he would totally be charged and kicked out of office, we have those kind of systems in place...what? ...we don't?

2)  Gratitude journals are fantastic, providing you don't lose them 1 week into starting them.

I will find you, fucker. And then I'll be grateful as hell for having found you, mostly because I'll have no idea what to write next.

3)   I should consider double-bagging my garbage.  Yesterday was garbage day, and now a bunch of mine is strewn across the front yard.  Some of it is bathroom garbage, too.  I haven't looked closely, so I hope it doesn't have anything too embarrassing in it.  I keep meaning to go pick it up, but I want to wait until it's really dark.  I'll set my alarm for the middle of the night.

4)  Work is going well, but I had a mini-fantasy of quitting today.  It was more of a reminder that I could do it, in theory.  Truthfully, I should have done it when I was working in fast food, and didn't have to worry about bills.  Maybe in a next life.

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