Monday, February 11, 2013

Saturday's adventure

This past Saturday, I went on a karaoke adventure with a friend.  I had two beers (she had several), followed by three large glasses of water. At around 12:30 we left, the plan being to drive her home, and then head home myself.  And that's when it happened.

I was pulled over by a police officer.  Who was clearly waiting for people who were leaving the bar.  He could probably smell beer when he was chatting with me, and I admitted to having some earlier, so he asked me to step out of the car and follow him back to his.  Follow him back to his car so I could do a breathalyzer test. 

I was fine.  I knew I was fine.  But I also knew that they had recently tightened up the laws, and was scared shitless.  He opened up the backseat of the cop car and invited me to take a seat because it was "so cold tonight."  I sat with my feet sticking out, and the door still open, insisting that no, this was fine, I didn't want to get right in where it was warmer.

He explained to me that one of three things was going to happen.  I was either going to blow under, blow super close to the limit and get a warning, or blow over and get a 3 day suspension.  Yikes.  He did the test first, both to show me how it was done and to show me that we were pals ("see?  It's easy!").  And then he had me do it. 

My blood alcohol level was .027.  I was fine.  He had me keep the breathalyzer straw ("as a souvenier!" he said), and thanked me for being the designated driver.

But, my god, did that ever scare the shit out of me. 

Additionally, this is all rather funny when I realize that I was trying to do this thing where I don't drink in February ("it's the shortest month! It'll be a breeze!"), more out of respect for calories and finances than anything (not "on the wagon" by any means).  I knew, however, that if I went out with this friend, and it ended up just being me and her, that I couldn't avoid having one in order to make her comfortable enough to indulge. 

Well, it was a fun night.  I'll write a little more on karaoke later.


  1. Thank god you passed the breath test!! xxx

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  2. You're telling me! Truthfully, I had done nothing wrong (we had arrived at the bar at 9pm, so the first beer was probably right out of my system), but that didn't stop me from getting really worried!

    And my friend was drunk and waiting in the car the entire time, the poor girl was sure we were goners!