Friday, February 1, 2013

Last thing this morning, I swear...

I'm being contacted by a scammer on a dating site:


1/31/2013 4:30:25 PM
Your profile actually made me smile, I was hesitant to even message you, cause I thought you were an advertisement for this site at first. You're a really pretty girl, and I thought your profile picture was to lure us guys into signing up for this site! LOL.

I do love your eyes by the way!!! - I think based on what I read on your profile, we both seem to share a common interest. I would love to get to know you, and see where it goes from there. =)

Hope this message finds you, and doesn't get lost in your pretty full inbox -- seeing as how popular you might be!

Prince =)

At first, it was just nicer to read a message that wasn't like... well, I'll copy and paste another little gem here:


1/29/2013 12:03:54 PM
heyyw ats upp todayyy

Regardless of whether I suspected he was a scam artist or not, I still bloody well talked to him.  I asked him what he did for a living, where he was situated in my city, and what his favourite bands, movies, etc, was.  His response?

- I'm a Support Staff Supervisor for Bell Canada (that job could be done overseas)
- Westmount area (but he spelled it incorrectly, despite being very careful in the rest of his messages)
- Do you text? 555.555.5555

Also, his sign off is Prince.  Anyway, I'm reporting him.

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