Friday, February 1, 2013

Well, I'm up early.

I really don't want to go to work today.  This may sound silly, but Fridays are a bit tough at times.  Some people refer to Fridays as "Fun Fridays" and my desk is in a high traffic area, so I don't get as much done as I'd like to.  I'm easily distracted.  Not to be a stick in the mud, but the reality is that I'm way too busy at work right now.  I'm in the middle quite the clusterfuck at the moment, and I'd love to write about it in here, but if I do, it's too specific and may give more clues to the internet about what I do for a living.

I certainly need to work on my assertiveness.  Today is the last day I'm driving my neighbour to work.  I have a young couple who live in the same building as me, and they're very friendly.  They also do not have a car.  We had been hanging out a little bit, having tea and whatnot.  Shortly after I first moved in, they had the audacity to ask me if they could sometimes borrow my car, like they borrow the neighbour in the next building.  I told her in no uncertain terms that I do not lend my car out.  Fast-forward to a couple of months later, when they're calling me every other day, and every other time I visit they're asking me to drive them somewhere or borrow my car.

This coupled with several other encounters (including the classic, "you should give me one of your nice, blank journals*" and the showstopper "you buy him a drink, too" when I offered to buy her a drink at new years**.)  Have this bullshit coupled with phrases like "you don't understand***," when I'm trying to delicately tell her that someone probably didn't mean to slight her, and "your purse is ugly," said three times about a $120 purse that I had just bought the day before, and I'm fucking tired of them.  She's far worse than he is.  I'm sure I'd get sick of him, but he's not as much of an annoying mooch.

In the midst of all this shit, I had agreed to drive him to work in the winter months for a small amount of gas money.   For a little perspective, my commute to work is 4 minutes, I don't live far away.  Everything else is out of my way.  Regardless, I agreed.

This ended up meaning leaving later than I normally like leaving and yet still they asked if I can leave later.  It's been nothing but an inconvenience for me.  A couple of weeks ago, I told them I was starting a new project at work (not entirely untrue), and couldn't drive him anymore.  Today is the last day.  I've been turning down all offers of tea as well, and ignoring the phone when they call.  I'm hoping they'll eventually get the hint.  It's been about two weeks, and they still ask.

I want more friends in London, but these are not friends.

*$25 Moleskine. Flat out no.  Piss off.
**I slammed my wallet shut, said I had to pee, and started walking in the opposite direction.

***In one of the whiniest voices I've ever heard.  And I can complain with the best of them.

Sidenote: there was this other time when we went to a Christmas party with the neighbours in the next building.  It was a potluck, but the young woman who lives there had still put together a fully turkey with all the fixings (fixin's?).  At the end of the party, my neighbours packed up about half of the food for themselves to take home.  The hosts never said "everybody take some home, this is too much food for us," which is standard, but the annoying neighbours had asked if they could take it.  If I had raised this as an issue, her response would have been "well, Allison (name changed, of course) said it was okay."  It was rude to ask in the first place.

Last night, I dreamt I finally got to see Nada Surf live.  In my dream, they opened with Armies Walk, but I couldn't find that on youtube.  Here's In the Mirror, which I actually like better than Armies Walk and is a little more appropriate to this blog:

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