Monday, February 25, 2013

Here we are again: First Date Jitters II

Several things:

1) I had a lovely time with my mother.  We drank pink champagne on Friday night and ate pizza, then went to market on Saturday morning and got a roast for the evening.  She had said she was hoping to buy me some stuff for the apartment, so I got a nice footstool and wee reading lamp, both for my little reading corner. We also found a lovely piece of fabric at Value Village and, in a drunken state, hung it over the living room window.   We also watched Cold Comfort Farm and Arrested Development.  Lots of chatting, including a lot of stuff about our respective therapists.  Also, she cleaned my kitchen like only a mother can.

I kinda like it.

2) I've taken today off, simply because I had the time to take.  I almost feel guilty about it, although I really shouldn't, as I've already put in today's time.  I'm using the time to go and have a good visit with my sister-in-law.  I really like hanging out with her (she's the sister I never had), but sometimes it's hard because my niece and nephew tend to demand attention from both of us while I'm there.  Both of the kids will be gone in the morning, so I've bought some fabric scraps in the hopes that we can make little flower barrettes for ourselves.  If they turn out, I'll post pictures later.

3)  I have a date this evening.  It is with the gentleman I had posted about earlier, wherein I hadn't heard from him for several days, so I made the bold move of giving him my number.  Well, he did get in touch with me, many times.  I think he's quite cute and he seems to be just exciting and exotic enough to keep me interested.  Also, he has a very cool job as an aircraft mechanic (seriously, how cool is that?  This is right up there with the pride I feel about some of my brother's jobs*).  He's been playing his cards a little close to his chest, but on Thursday he made it clear that he was interested and we should meet.  Soon.

At any rate, we've been chatting for a couple of weeks now, and I'm quite nervous about finally meeting him.   The plan is to go for coffee and if coffee works out, we'll head out for dinner.  I think one of us will have to screw up badly for us not to go for dinner**.  No idea what I'm going to wear.

Wish me luck?

*He makes trailers for horses! He makes choo-choo trains! He makes military stuff, and he can't take pictures at work! Oooh!  Also, he used to work in a movie theatre! Fancy!

**Like that guy who made 3 separate rape jokes when I was first chatting with him. Fantastic.

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