Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Hell is someone else's playlist

Or is it?  This morning I found a site that makes me want to call in sick and play all day.  

"Where has she been?" some of you may say, "that site has been around for a long time.  I knew about it before its creators did."  Actually, I'm pretty sure none of you are saying that.  Could one of you please remind me to hire a douchebag hipster to comment on my blog every day?*.

The site is 8 Tracks ( ).  I found it through a friend's pinterest who had pinned someone's playlist for studying on it. <--- horrid sentence, sorry.

Basically, you can go on there, and created a playlist that other people can listen to.  You can friend other people on there if you bump into other playlists you like, make comments on other playlists, etc.  It has its own library that you can pull songs from, or you can upload from your own files. Right now, I'm listening to Vista18's "Keep it Sassy" playlist, which so far consists of two slightly mediocre Beyonce tracks**.

The nice thing about sites like this are that they often have a great deal of indie music, because sites like this are how a lot of the smaller bands gain exposure, so they're happy to be included, regardless of any payment (you hear that, Lars Ulrich? Aww, I love you, you clueless jerk. It's okay, go hit things with sticks again).

At any rate, I'll probably be on there sometime this evening, making a playlist with all my favourite happy go lucky stuff***. 

This is me on the site:

*Activity that includes "hire a douchebag hipster to comment on my blog" may be one of the reasons that I find myself in the financial state that I'm in.
**Which are still superior to Rhianna's best tracks. Yeah, I said it.
***Prediction: it will consist of 1 complete Nada Surf album.

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  1. 8 Tracks is amazing, I also only recently discovered it! xxx