Monday, February 4, 2013

Gorminig, Monday.

That's how I type Good morning at 6am.  The coffee is brewing, my oatmeal is...oating, and I'm up. 

I spent the weekend looking at excel spreadsheets and now I'm ready for a weekend.  I've created a spreadsheet to track my spending and take care of my budget.  In the past, I've always just been really careful and consistently budgeted far less than I could afford, allowing for, well, quite the surplus at the end.  It sounds good, but if you're not paying attention, your money isn't really working for you, and you don't realize where you could be saving more on the day-to-day items.

I also created the Hell Journal.

The Hell Journal is a Piccadilly notebook* with graph paper in it.  I call it the Hell Journal because I'll be using it to track my finances and my food consumption, two things I hate to think of doing.  I'll be using Seinfeld's "Don't break the Chain"* method of ensuring I'm doing it.  I hope it works. 

Also, got to have a nice long chat with a friend yesterday, that I don't get to chat with very often.  She helped me out with my financial planning, and her knowledge is quite valuable.  She's also crazy.  She requested 16 jelly beans as payment.   Worth every bean.

*Piccadilly notebooks are so similar to Moleskines, that you can really only tell the difference via the little logo embossed on the back, or by doing a very close side by side analysis.   Piccadilly notebooks will set you back only half as much as a Moleskine, which is quite overpriced ($25 for a notebook smaller than a standard A5? Yikes.)  See more Piccadilly here:


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